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Divorce Lawyer Few people would suggest that obtaining a divorce is an easy process. If you are getting divorced, it is important to find a lawyer who is good at

Attorney for Child Custody

Child Custody Attorney The Law looks to the “best interests of the child” in determining custody issues. ¬†Children are vulnerable and unable to take care of themselves, or look out

Family Law Offices

Family Law Attorney in Teaneck, NJ We devote virtually all of our energy and resources to family law issues by attending continuing education courses and keeping up to date on

Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Lawyer in New Jersey

Divorce and Family Law cases involve human emotion, and often deal with sensitive and painful realities, and issues. While nj divorce lawyerthe goal is for a couple to dissolve their relationship smoothly and in a business-like manner so they can go forward with their respective lives, it is not always easy to accomplish under the shadow of hurt and sometimes angry feelings.

Settlements regarding financial issues should be favorable as possible to the clients, while maintaining fairness. Most often, the economic issues can be negotiated or mediated in an amicable manner.

We strive to negotiate the best possible outcomes for our clients, whether directly with the opposing attorney, or via mediation.

When all else fails, we present the most compelling arguments possible to the Court, on your behalf. The guidelines expected by the Court is for settlements to be fair and equitable.

It is our mission to convince the Court that your position is equitable, logical and reasonable, given all of your circumstances. Jonathan D. Gordon is approved by the Superior Court of New Jersey as a mediator for the economic aspects of divorce.

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