Child Abuse And Neglect Attorney

Child abuse and child neglect must be reported.  Anyone who has reason to believe child abuse or neglect is occurring but does not report it could be charged with a misdemeanor just for failing to report it to the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P), New Jersey’s child protection agency (formerly referred to as DYFS).

DCP&P (formerly DYFS) also called “The Division” gets involved when allegations of abuse or neglect are made against a parent. They must investigate all complaints.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Gordon, Esq., LLC, we represent parents who have been accused of abuse or neglect. Allegations of child abuse and domestic violence are sometimes wrongfully used as leverage in child custody battles. The accuracy and validity of the allegations must be properly assessed.  When DCP&P investigates an allegation, they have the right to interview your child, enter your home to inspect (you can refuse to let them in, but they can return with a police officer in some cases), interview neighbors, the school, the child’s doctors, etc. In some cases, the Division will file a complaint in Court to obtain orders to ensure compliance with whatever they deem necessary to protect the child. Sometimes they are incorrect or ask the court for relief that is unreasonable.  We have much experience representing parents in DCP&P-related litigation. Jonathan D. Gordon, Esq. is a former NJ Deputy Attorney General who once represented the Division.  He has significant mental health knowledge and much experience representing parents in litigation against the Division and is accepting referrals for this kind of case.

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Bergen County Child Neglect Lawyers

Jonathan D. Gordon is a court-certified family law mediator and parent coordinator. He is also a licensed psychologist in New Jersey (#1358) and New York (#5614). He formerly represented DCP&P (then DYFS) as its attorney in family court. He has also been honored by Project S.A.R.A.H. for his work with victims of domestic violence.

Our law firm is committed to your case involving allegations such as the following:

  • Neglect (putting the child at risk of imminent harm)
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Abandonment
  • Emotional abuse/cruelty to the child
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Shaken baby syndrome

There are many forms of child abuse, which we should discuss if you have any suspicion. The report of child abuse or neglect may be made by anyone, but especially by a teacher, school, doctor, dentist, nurse, hospital, social worker, psychologist, therapist, police officer, clergy, child care provider or other “mandated reporter.” Sometimes the Family Court judge will make a referral to the Division if the Court deems it to be appropriate to do so.

Legal Counsel And Representation In DCP&P Cases

Our law firm can effectively help you achieve your goal to regain custody of your children or challenge a finding of neglect or abuse made against you. We will fight to prevent the termination of your parental rights in guardianship proceedings. We can work to prevent inclusion of your name in the central registry of those found guilty of abuse or neglect.

We will advise you and help you make informed decisions about your case as we confer with the DCP&P’s Deputy Attorney General and your child’s court-appointed Law Guardian.

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