Helping You Take The Best Parenting Steps

At the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Gordon, Esq., LLC, we take the success of parenting time and child custody agreements very seriously. We are motivated to help people maintain sustainable plans and healthy relationships, even when the marital relationship cannot be saved.

In most situations, children will love each parent equally. You will not gain points with your children by badmouthing the other parent or by fighting with the other parent in front of your children. In fact, the child will resent that parent for saying bad things about the other parent.

If you have an ongoing custody or parenting conflict with your ex-spouse, a parenting coordinator could help you resolve issues civilly and effectively for the long term. A parenting coordinator, in a high conflict situation, can help you stay out of court and save money spent on litigation.

A Neutral Party Facilitating Collaborative Resolution To Parenting Issues

Attorney Jonathan D. Gordon is a court-approved parent coordinator (under the former pilot program) and family law mediator in New Jersey. He is also a Ph.D., licensed psychologist in New Jersey (#1358) and New York (#5614).

Mr. Gordon has dedicated our law firm exclusively to family law, and he can help you find collaborative balance and agreement in your parenting plan. He has a special interest in difficult child custody and visitation disputes, domestic violence and Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) issues.

Please call our offices in Teaneck, or contact us online for other consultation service options. Call 201-546-5772 or toll free at 866-930-2360 to speak with a lawyer today.

Bergen County Child Custody Agreement Attorneys

Our law firm has expertise and experience in mediation and parenting coordination. We help parents reach compromises that are in their children’s best interests while also accounting for the financial, emotional, physical, legal and communication concerns of parents.

Mr. Gordon facilitates the mediation process while also monitoring progress of the existing parenting plan. He will evaluate the progress with you. In some cases, the parenting plan and the custody arrangement might be able to continue as originally agreed upon after minor adjustments. In other circumstances, we will have to explore other possibilities and repair or help establish lines of communication.

Mr. Gordon will also examine and make appropriate recommendations concerning any history of domestic violence, psychiatric problems, substance abuse or child abuse.

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