Can Child Support Be Modified?

Families go through changes. Your kids’ activities change frequently as they age.

  • Do you want to send your children to college?
  • Do you want your ex-spouse to help pay/save for tuition?
  • Did your ex-spouse get a higher paying job?
  • Did you experience a job change or salary reduction?
  • Did one of you become disabled or reach retirement age?

All of these scenarios might reflect substantial changes in circumstances that affect child support, alimony or custody agreements. Altering agreements is complex and can easily become contested, causing further litigation.

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Law Offices of Jonathan D. Gordon, Esq., LLC, | Guidance In Support Order Modifications

Demonstrating a substantial change in circumstance is also not a simple task. Evidence and testimony are required. We will help you gather this evidence, whether it is in the form of unaffordable medical bills or a substantial increase in your ex-spouse’s ability to pay child or spousal support.

We will help you determine if you are eligible for support modifications or help you defend against overzealous or appropriate attempts to change orders.

  • Child support modification: Significant changes in circumstances may include changes to income or assets, or changes in children’s daily expenses, health care, child care or education.
  • Alimony (spousal support) modification: Spouses undergo financial change from time to time, whether through income, asset distributions or inheritance. Your spousal support payments could be modified or a request to end payments could be submitted at any time.

Not all changes qualify for a change of child support or alimony. It is critical to discuss plans or notice of modification requests with a knowledgeable attorney. We will examine plans, tax implications and assets with a fine-tooth comb, striving to help you reach collaborative agreement with the opposing party.

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