Children In Divorce — Support

Parents are expected to help their children reach their full potential. This law firm can help in this effort by guiding parents through legal issues in the best interests of children. Accomplishing goals in the process requires careful analysis, collaborative problem solving and compliance with the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines.

New Jersey Child Support Guidelines determine an appropriate level of support payments to children based on a number of factors, but unique aspects of each case and special circumstances can require alterations to the formula.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Gordon, Esq., LLC, we help our clients arrive at child support agreements that best provide for their children and that are in conformity with the guidelines in New Jersey. Our attorney has vast experience guiding clients through difficult matters, and our family law practice is committed to building on trust and positive communication.

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Ability To Pay Child Support Vs. Children’s Needs

Both parents will often have to make sacrifices to preserve their children’s best interests. Child support is based on each parent’s gross income, adjusted for number of dependants, other support obligations, alimony payments, work-related child care and health insurance (among other things).

Sometimes it is not difficult to arrive at a fair child support payment since it is based on a formula and is less open to bargaining and negotiation. However, there are specific circumstances and arrangements that can be agreed upon by the parties (sometimes via mediation or negotiations) that the court will accept as being in the best interests of the children, although not strictly in conformity with the guidelines.

If you cannot agree, the court will make decisions for you.

The judge will closely follow the child support guidelines, considering financial, educational, religious and special needs, as well as day care, friendship, health insurance and extracurricular activities. Court-ordered child support is largely out of your control.

Special Needs Trusts

A special needs trust might be a prudent option for some families, especially those in which pensions, real estate holdings, savings or other trusts are available. It can provide for your children for years and safeguard their needs in situations where a child will have future extraordinary expenses due to special needs.

A trust can also be devised when one parent is not fully cooperative, supportive or financially responsible. The court will be very interested in ensuring the future security of the child before the divorce is finalized.

Paramus Support Modification Lawyers

Our law firm also helps parents who have experienced substantial changes in circumstances, whether their own or their children’s circumstances. We can help you begin the process of planning for possible legal changes to custody, parenting time or support orders.

We will face all challenges together.

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