Mediating Complex Family Law Matters

Arriving at agreements in difficult divorce and family law issues through negotiation or mediation may seem daunting. Commonly, these methods of resolving disputes are referred to as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques.

Reaching settlement through a form of ADR is often less costly and time-consuming than court. Mediation can provide the following advantages to your resolution:

  • Maintain respect between opposing parties
  • Keep conversations civil
  • Facilitate reasonable and lasting compromises
  • Shield children from litigated disputes
  • Stronger commitment or buy-in from both parties
  • Parties maintain control of the outcome

At the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Gordon, Esq., LLC, we believe in resolving disputes and getting better outcomes with the use of mediation, if possible.  Mediation can assist with an entire divorce, or can address one or a few unresolved issues. It is better to arrive at a compromise position that you can live with, rather than to litigate or go to trial and have a judge make the decision for you. Often, the judge will decide the same way you might have settled for, had you done so. You have more control over your life if you are the one making the decision, even if the decision is to compromise.

Mediation is not usually an option when there is an active domestic violence restraining order (FRO) in place. In some cases, however, the parties may through their attorneys, ask the court to amend an FRO to allow the parties to sit in the room together for the purposes of mediation. But such a scenario is unique and unusual because an abuse victim may not feel like an equal partner in the mediation, and may continue to be intimidated by the abusive spouse. It really depends on the circumstances, but usually mediation is not an option when there has been domestic violence.

Attorney Jonathan D. Gordon is a court-approved family law mediator and parent coordinator (under the former Pilot Program). Additionally, he is a licensed psychologist in New Jersey (#1358). (See Disclosures and Disclaimers page).

Bergen County Custody Mediation Lawyer

Almost every family law agreement can be finalized in mediation. If the opposing party is willing to come together to construct fair resolutions, we can help you save time, money and respect.

Many agreements forged in family law and divorce cases, whether through litigation or ADR, include elements that depend upon the ongoing relationships of parties to sustain success (e.g.: child custody, parenting time and modifying the divorce decree).

The more positive and respectful that relationship is, the better your odds of getting what you want and need. Parenting is a collaborative process, married or not.

You Do Not Have To Fight It Out In Court

Mediation is a path to resolution that keeps you in control of your divorce agreements. Comprehensive legal guidance protects your rights and your children’s best interests. You will be able to converse openly, focus on long-term goals and resolve unique and complex challenges with your ex-spouse.

We will work with financial, child development, real estate and parenting specialists as necessary. The mutual respect promoted through mediation wins over the vilification associated with litigation.

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